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In Salsa update version 1.2.60 new mirroring logic was introduced to create even better experiences for your guests. 

In this article, we're going to teach you how the "Mirroring" feature in the Salsa app functions, and how you can use this to be creative and create even more unique overlays for your events.

Camera Settings

To adjust your Mirroring settings you'll first want to tap on your event, then the settings icon at the top right.

On the left, you should now see a section for "Camera Settings". Go ahead and tap on that.

Now, you'll see the mirroring feature which you can either toggle on or off.

Mirroring helps gives users a sense of direction while the photo is counting down.

With mirroring turned off, you are seeing the live-preview (or countdown) as the final result. In the photo below, the mirroring setting is turned off and the guests' left hand is raised. The guests' left-hand however is the camera's right hand.



Versus, when we enable mirroring, the guests' left hand will appear on the screen as the left hand.



With mirroring turned off, your guests will try to position themselves in the photo by moving in one direction as they see on screen, but will actually need to move the complete other direction. Turning on mirroring helps greatly in creating an easier photo booth experience for guests.


How does this affect overlays?

There is no easier way to explain how overlays are used with mirroring than to just show you.

For the examples seen, we will be using this cute overlay.

The backward text will make more sense in just a few seconds.



After uploading the overlay and enabling Mirroring, this is what your guests will see after they select their capture mode, but before the image is captured. AKA the live-preview.

In this photo, you'll see the guest raising their left hand and positioning their face within the Santa face. While the text may be appearing backward, this will only be temporary, but in exchange makes the photo-taking process much easier and faster.



After the image is taken, the overlay and photo will automatically flip. As you can see though, the guest's face is still within the Santa face and the text is then flipped. IMG_0051.PNG


For your event, you'll have two options:

1. Turn On Mirroring (Suggested) -> While the overlay will present text backward for the countdown/live-preview, the photo-taking experience will make more sense to the guest since if they want to move right on the screen, they simply move right. This will result in faster photo-taking and fewer lines at the photo booth.

2. Turn Off Mirroring -> The photo will be taken exactly as seen during the live-preview. This, however, means that if a guest wants to move right on the screen, they will need to move left. This can be quite confusing to guests that aren't as familiar with photo booths as you may be.


For your reference, here is also a great guide on how mirroring in Salsa works with overlays!


Now that you understand how mirroring and overlays work together, you're ready to get creative! With our new mirroring logic, you can now create even more unique overlays for your clients!

If you have questions, or support is needed, please reach us at support@photoboothsupplyco.com

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