Getting a Fast Support Response, or: How We Learned to Love the Bug Report


Have an issue with your booth? 

Filling out a bug report is the best way to cut down on the back and forth between you and our support team. When we can get our developers all the information right away, it gives them the best chance to find the problem and fix it faster.

Here are some general guidelines of the kinds of information that give our devs all the heart eyes when we send them a report that things aren’t working right. 

A good bug report usually includes the following::

Issue/Title: Make sure you include a brief summary of the issue that you’re running into. If you’re having a hard time duplicating your event, for example, your title would be “Unable to Duplicate Event”.

Environment: The “Environment” sounds very official, but it’s not that serious. Basically, it gives us the most specific information possible about all of the surrounding facts for what was happening when the bug occurred. 

You’ll want to include:

  • Device: If you are using a Salsa booth, which iPad are you using? (Year/Generation, screen size) 
  • iPad software version: Which Software Version is running on the iPad? (Settings>General>About>Software Version)
  • App Version: Which version of the app/software are you using?
    • In Salsa, you can find this by going into the Salsa app, and then tapping the settings icon at the top right. At the bottom left, you should see the version number.
  • Connection type: When you experience the bug, were you using WiFi or cellular data? If you happen to know, what is the speed of the connection?
  • Reproducibility Rate: How many times did this bug happen? Does it happen every single time you try to do what you are doing, or is it more intermittent? 
  • Steps to reproduce: If you are able to reproduce this bug, what are the steps you take to get it to occur?

Result: The thing you want to happen isn’t happening. Can you describe what is happening instead?

Visuals: Do you have any screenshots, videos, photos, etc.? Please include them! A picture really does paint a thousand words. 

As always, whenever you do experience an issue running your booth, make sure you reach out to If you don’t know how to answer these questions at that time, we can walk you through it when you reach out!

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