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If you're reading this article then it means you're interested in being able to offer your clients more options with Salsa. More options mean you can cater to almost every client that comes your way and upsell existing clients to a higher-priced package you may provide. Green screen is a great Pro feature for this reason exactly. By the end of this article, you will be a green screen expert and ready to start offering this feature to your clients.

Green Screen in Salsa: A Walkthrough

If you're just wondering how to use green screen within the Salsa app specifically, then please enjoy this walkthrough featuring Sophie the Bunny. For a more detailed explanation of how green screens works and tips & tricks to using a green screen with Salsa, scroll down.

What is Green Screen?

For starters, a green screen can refer to the literal meaning of a screen which is green. In this article, and within the industry, a green screen is often referred to as the method of simply removing the backdrop from your image, and replace it with whatever image/video you choose. You can actually use any color backdrop and use the green screen feature to remove the background, however, we strongly suggest either using a green screen or a blue screen.


How to Set up a Green Screen

The first thing you'll want to do is position Salsa about 4-5 feet away from your backdrop. This is to give your guests enough room to fit in the photo, but also prevent too harsh of shadows from being cast on the backdrop behind you.


The next step is by far the most important part of setting up a green screen, lighting. To get good results from any green screen, the key is making sure there is enough light on your subject as well as the backdrop. Your goal when lighting a green screen is to try to get no harsh shadows.

Salsa's built-in LED ring provides enough light for most green screen scenarios, however, in a darker event space, a green screen is not suggested unless you are able to add additional lights.


After you adjust your camera settings to get a perfect exposure, head into the Green Screen section in your event settings (Only available to Salsa Pro users).

Then, you'll want to tap on this button right here:


After you click on "Choose Green Screen Color", the live-preview camera will appear. From here you'll want to tap on your backdrop to assign the color value to the Salsa app. Then, adjust the tolerance slider. The lower the setting of the tolerance slider, the better (but more evenly lit light is required). So continue to adjust the tolerance slider and taking test photos till you see your subject being removed from the image without any green screen seen still in the image. Be sure to always click save before exiting this menu!


After your green screen color looks perfect, now all you need to do is upload your custom made assets (or use some of our built-in ones) and perform a few test shots to make sure it all looks good._DSC8224.jpgGreen_screen_photo_2.jpeg

Looking great!

Green Screen Functionality/File Requirements

You can enable several green screens for guests to choose from. At this time, we're not recommending using more than 4 animated green screens, as iPad processing power can be limited by such an intense feature.

Make sure your background image files and/or video files are sized appropriately!

File Requirements

Accepted Formats: PNG for static backgrounds or MP4 for video/animated backgrounds.

Dimensions based on selected camera settings aspect ratio:


-Static Background: 2048x2732

-Video Background: 480x640


-Static Background: 2732x2048

-Video Background: 640x480


-Static Background: 2048x2048

-Video Background: 480x480


-Static Background: 2048x3072

-Video Background: 480x721


-Static Background: 3072x2048

-Video Background: 721x480

Now you're ready!

Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand green screen in general, but also how it can be used as an upsell opportunity for your business.

If there are questions, or support is needed, please reach out to us at support@photoboothsupplyco.com

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