How to Print with Salsa Using Hotfolder Prints

Ready to get printing with Salsa using Hotfolder prints? Let's do this! 🖨

Here is what you will need:

  • Printer 
  • Windows based laptop or tablet with dropbox app downloaded onto it and synced. 
  • Hotfolder prints from breeze
  • Dropbox account
  • Salsa app Pro License
  • Internet connection

Salsa Settings

In the main settings screen in Salsa, enable Dropbox uploads.

Tap the event you'd like to enable Hotfolder printing for. Tap the Settings gear, and head to Camera Settings. Make sure your Aspect Ratio is set to 2:3 to print a 4x6 picture.

Surface Pro

  • Connect the Dropbox app to the Surface Pro desktop LINK

Hotfolder prints

Make sure you direct the Breeze Hotfolder software to watch the Dropbox folder Salsa created for your event. If you do not see that folder, take a test photo in the event and it will create a new folder:


  • Set number of images to 1:image4.png
  • Enable custom layout by checking this box:


Click the Settings button:



You should see this screen now:


To add an image, first select the number 1 from the drop down. This should create a green box. 

Select the three dots on the right to adjust the size of the box:


For a 4x6, enter in: Left = 0, Top = 0, Width = 1844, Height = 1240:


Hit Okay. When you are done, your green box should look like this:


Hit Okay to go back to the home screen.

Hit Okay on the home screen. 

You will now see a screen that will check your folder every few seconds for a new file:


Minimize the screen (DO NOT CLOSE IT!). Your computer will now print everything that is saved to the designated folder. 

For additional support, please view the manual You can also contact Breeze Systems directly.

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  • What printer setting is this set at?

  • This is super high-level, do you have actual instructions?


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