Troubleshooting: Prevent Camera Disconnect on 2nd Gen iPad Pro

In some cases, events on the 2nd Generation iPad Pro may be interrupted with a message stating the camera needs to be reset. We want to help significantly reduce the chance of this error occurring!

Here are the current recommended steps that will allow you to avoid experiencing this error:

  • Power on your iPad. If your iPad is already on, restart it.
  • Before launching the Salsa app, open the built in Camera app Camera_iCon.png.
  • Tap the camera flip button Screen_Shot_2019-07-10_at_1.46.59_PM.png to switch to the front facing camera.
  • Take a single photo (say cheese!).
  • Return to the home screen.
  • Launch Salsa. Do not quit the Camera app.

Once the Camera app is running with the front facing camera enabled, you'll be all set.

Watch the video below for a walkthrough:


As always, if you have questions, reach out to!


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