Salsa App is a software that is constantly growing and improving. As improvements are made, new issues can sometimes arise regarding new features as well as existing ones. In the interest of transparency, we've compiled the concerns users have brought to our attention along with workarounds for each scenario.

There certainly exist additional issues that we're addressing, but these are the major ones that we have seen replicated across enough events to bring them to your attention and prepare workarounds. If we do encounter further concerns, we'll add them here. You can always take a look at the update date for this article to ensure it is current and actively monitored. 

It remains the goal of PBSCO to eliminate all items mentioned on this list as quickly as possible. If you encounter something that you feel we should be aware of regarding the performance of your app, please submit that to us via our feedback form here so that we are able to look specifically at those items. Thank you!

Issues impacting event setup: 

Issue: Animated Overlays playback may be in an incorrect order.

Workaround: The current functionality bases the order of frames on the creation date of the uploaded file. The simple work around would be to use animated overlays that does not require a specific order. Another workaround would be to edit the metadata and EXIF data of the overlay frames.

Issues resolved in Salsa 1.2.60:

Less than 2% of users experiencing. Crashes occurring randomly during capture.

Exclusive to users using overlays and filters at the same time. Salsa sometimes has an overlay that flips randomly.

Exclusive to International users. SMS shares don't always work correctly on intermittent WiFi for international numbers when the country code is not added.

Exclusive to 2017 iPad users. Camera can receive an error during events. Currently a popup appears notifying users of this error and the event is able to continue, but it can sometimes cause a delay.

Less than 5% of users experiencing. The queue can become stuck when the internet connection is unstable.

How to report an issue: 

If you continue to run into any of the issue above, or new ones, please report it to with information about your iPad model, iOS version, and detailed information about when it occurred, what kind of capture, and event setup details (Green screen, overlay, camera aspect ratio).

If you have any feature requests or general feedback, please feel free to use our Salsa Feedback Form here.
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