How to Assemble Salsa

Assembling Salsa is much easier than actually doing a Salsa. Follow these steps and in 60 seconds, we'll have you doing a victory dance under the glow of those rainbow LEDs. 🌈

Step 1: Remove all of the components from the packing case

To get started, open the Salsa packing case by lifting up the two latches, and then take out all of the components. Do this somewhere with enough space so you can easily move around - or at the very least, move your prized teacup collection somewhere safe.

Let's check out the goods inside the packing case. You should have:

  • 1 x DC extension cable
  • 1 x AC power cable
  • 1 x power supply
  • 1 x Philips screwdriver, #2 size
  • 1 x Salsa head unit

Step 2: Set Salsa head aside

Lift the Salsa head out of the case, and carefully set it to one side. Make sure to place the Salsa head on top of the foam we've included in the case so it's protected. Make sure you keep the cardboard insert in place, unless you are replacing the insert with your iPad. Never turn on the booth without either the iPad or protective insert securely in place.


Step 3: Set baseplate 3-4 feet from backdrop

Take the baseplate out of the case. Place the longer side facing away from backdrop. The baseplate's longer side should extend behind the Salsa's head, not in front of it. 

Step 4: Thread DC extension cable through baseplate

Take the DC extension cord and run it through the slot in the baseplate. The DC cable should be inserted with the cylindrical pronged end running through the baseplate and, in the next step, up into the poles. Leave the end of the DC extension cable that connects to the AC power cable at the baseplate end.

Step 5: Run DC extension cable through first pole and install onto baseplate

Take the DC extension cable where you have pulled it through the baseplate, and thread the cylindrical pronged end of the cable in a continuing line through the first pole. Secure the pole to the baseplate by tightening the knobs at the top of the pole. You will need to keep the knobs somewhat loose while attaching this pole to the baseplate. Make sure the knobs are positioned in a 45 degree rotation.

Step 6: Repeat with second pole

Repeat step 5 with the next pole. Again, pay close attention to the knob position. Take a look at the diagram and make sure the knobs are correctly turned at a 45 degree rotation.

Step 7: Insert and tighten DC extension cable to Salsa head

Take the DC extension cable with the cylindrical pronged end and insert it into the outlet on Salsa's head. Tighten as necessary.

Step 8: Place and secure Salsa head onto poles

Lift Salsa's head and place it onto the poles. Tighten the knobs very securely. Take the lever on the back of Salsa's head, pull out, and position it downwards.

Note: When adjust the tilt of Salsa, do not overextend the head back. If you feel resistance when tilting back do not force it further as this may lead to damage to the hinge.

Step 9: Plug into power

Connect the other end of the DC extension cable to the AC power cable. Find an outlet and plug the power cable running from the power block in.

Step 10: Get the party started

Dance your heart out.

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