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In this article, we are going to quickly teach you how to pair your LEDs for the first time once you've received your Salsa booth!

This article will also cover how to troubleshoot the most common issue of LEDs becoming unpaired. It's a quick fix :) Let's get started. 

Step One

Open the Salsa app and navigate to your "Guest Interface" settings. From here, you will see the LED Branding section and that pairing is required before you'll be able customize your LEDs.

Click on Pair to begin this process.


Step Two

Tap on Pair With LED.


Step Three

Select the LED controller. You will see the serial number of your Salsa booth appear as an optional controller here. This serial can be double checked on the serial number sticker behind your iPad in the Salsa enclosure.

You can also use this serial number to identify your devices if you own multiple. Tap on the serial number, then tap Ok once successful.





*Your serial number will appear different than the name seen in these screenshots*


You're Done!

Your LEDs are now properly paired and you can begin customizing the colors and patterns to match any brand or wedding palette. 





Need to unpair?

If you need to unpair your LEDs for any reason, whether you'd like to switch iPads or if you're simply seeing an issue with your LEDs being recognized, simply head back into the Guest Interface section.

You will now see an Unpair button at the bottom. Tap this button and return to the beginning of the article to repair your LEDs. 


We here at PBSCO Support highly recommend unpairing and repairing your LEDs as a first troubleshooting step if you ever encounter any issues. Much like AirPods or other Bluetooth devices, there is always the potential for the connection to have been interrupted. Repairing restores this connection in most cases. 

Salsa app version 1.9 and higher features LED auto-reconnection. This means if your iPad inadvertently drops the LEDs connection, Salsa will attempt to automatically reconnect them to the associated iPad.

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