Welcome to Salsa!

Salsa's photos are organized into Events. Events are albums you will create for every different event you bring your Salsa to.

Each event you create can be fully customized to make your guests feel like guests of honor. 🌟

Let's start up a sample event using these easy to follow steps.  That way, you'll be a Master Event Planner before your next big event. RiRi herself will call you up before the next Met Gala* for sure.

This walkthrough covers how to create events in the:

Create an Event with the Salsa Booth iOS app

Set up a new Event

First things first.

Launch the Salsa Booth app and tap on “Create Event”. Give your event a name and tap on Create Event. Fun fact: Guests will not see the name of the event. Feel free to name it anything you like.


Add an Event passcode

To add a passcode, tap on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and then tap on Passcode.

Enter a 4-digit passcode and type it again to confirm.

Use 1-2-3-4 as a passcode if you are cool with Kevin from HR hacking into your iPad at that corporate event next month. (Please, do not use 1-2-3-4 as your passcode.)

When you’re finished, tap on the arrow in the top left-hand corner to go back.



Event settings

To access your event’s settings, tap on the event. Then hit the gear in the top right hand corner - those are the event settings.

Select your desired capture modes

Tap on Modes to choose the capture modes you want to use.

Tap on each mode to enable it, and tap again to remove it.



Add an overlay

An overlay is the transparent image that sits on top of the photos (and other content) that you take. This is a great place to really customize your event - you can put branding, guests' names, and anything you can dream up as an overlay! For extra magic, you can also add a unique border around the image.

Tap on Overlay, then tap the Add Overlay text to add an overlay to your event's photos.

You can choose from existing overlays you’ve already added to Salsa Booth, or from photos on your iPad.

Be extra, triple, super sure this file is 2048 pixels wide by 2732 pixels in height, and in a transparent .png format. 

Once you’ve selected the overlay you want, tap on Select to choose it. Don’t forget to enable it!




Adjust your share options

Share options are found under Sharing (because we like keeping it simple). You have a number of sharing options you can choose to enable, including Email, SMS, AirDrop, and AirPrint.


Customize the guest interface

Customizing the guest interface is a great way to make your event shine bright like a diamond - in some ways, quite literally (those LEDs are pretty bright)!

You can customize the background (choose a pre-installed option, or use one of your own!), pre-background (what guests see before they start), and LED branding.

You can even customize the countdown duration (how long a guest has until their photo is taken) in case you want to move through the lines faster.


Starting and exiting an Event

Starting an event is easy.

On the main event screen, tap on the “Start Event” button.

To exit an event, tap twice in the top left-hand corner of the screen and enter your event passcode. From here, you can view a quick gallery of the photos from your event, or head back to the main dashboard.





Don’t forget to turn Guided Access on when you’re ready to start the real event!

Triple-click on the Sleep/Wake button to toggle Guided Access on or off.

On the 2nd generation iPad Pro, triple-click on the home button.

Create an Event with the Salsa Web App

Set up a new Event

First, sign in to the Salsa web app. The web app supports any screen size, so it doesn’t matter what device you use. You could even use your big screen TV’s web browser if the need (or the desire) strikes you. We won’t judge.

Once you’re signed in and on the All Events screen, click or tap on Create new Event.


Once you’re satisfied with the name, tap Create Event and you’re off!

Configure your Event

Once you create your event you'll be redirected to the Event Home screen. Everything you need to manage and configure your event is here.

Salsa events can be as simple or as complex as you like. Let’s take a look at some of the popular options.

Capture Modes

Capture Modes give event attendees a variety of fun ways to immortalize themselves. You can find them under Event Capture Settings.


Click on the modes you want to turn on for an event. Boomerang, GIF, and Video modes come with additional options for those who prefer to get things just right. Their default settings should be sufficient for most events.

To change a mode’s options. click on its gear icon and click on the X icon when you’re finished.

Add an Overlay

An overlay is a transparent image that sits on top of the photos (and other content) your event’s attendees capture. They’re a great way to tailor events to a client’s brand or occasion. Add a logo, guest names, or overlay some flair to really make your event pop.

To add or edit an event’s overlay, click on Event Capture Settings and then Overlays. 
You can choose from existing overlays you’ve already added to Salsa Booth, or upload images from your device.
Keep in mind that any images you use should be 2048 pixels wide by 2732 pixels in height in a transparent .png format. You can also upload multiple PNG files if you want to create a simple animated overlay.


Once you’ve created an overlay, you can turn it on or off. If you’ve uploaded multiple images you can change how quickly Salsa cycles through them (from 0.1 seconds per frame up to 2 seconds).


You can manage a sequence of images by clicking on Edit.


Looking for more information on overlays? Our Salsa Pro Tips section has a more comprehensive tutorial on how to create overlays.

Adjust your Share Options

All of an event’s sharing options are located in the Sharing section. You can create customized emails, manage sharing to social networks like Twitter and Instagram, and tweak SMS options. iOS-specific features like AirDrop and AirPrint are also available in this section.

For a more thorough look at sharing options check out the Sharing Features: Explained article.

Customize the Event Interface

The Event Interface is made up of up to three separate assets: the Tap to Start screen, the Background screen, and the Disclaimer screen. These screens are the main interface that event attendees interact with. Make sure you make customized assets for these to create a special, personalized experience for your guests.


The Tap to Start screen is the first screen guests see. It’s the call to action that pulls people in and gets them excited to use the booth, so make sure yours is attractive and professional. We offer a number of pre-designed Tap to Start screens for you to use.

Any media assets you want to use for these need to be 2048 pixels wide and 2732 pixels high, although you can get away with videos that are 1024 pixels by 1366 pixels

The Background screen appears behind any capture taken during the event. They’re typically combined with an Overlay but can also be used alone.

Disclaimers are displayed right before guests take a capture. You can use them to remind guests of any legal or rights-related information.

Finally, in Event Settings you can change how long Salsa counts down before the capture is taken. The default is five seconds but you can make it as short as two seconds and extend it up to ten seconds.

Set an Event Passcode

Event passcodes prevent guests from exiting an event. They’re an extra layer of protection you can use to ensure events aren’t interrupted. Event passcodes are set globally outside of individual events, and you can find them under Manage Account and then Security.


You're all done! 

Now you're a pro at creating new events. When RiRi calls, tell her we said hi.

*This probably will not happen. Sorry.


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