Welcome to Salsa!

Getting started on the Salsa app is easy. Grab a snack, pull up a seat, and let’s do this.

Step One

To create a new account in the Salsa iPad app, launch the app and click “Create account” in the top left-hand corner. For reference, we circled it in red. We’re helpful like that.


To sign up on the web, browse to the Salsa Booth sign up page.

Step Two

Fill in your personal information: First name, Last name, Organization Name (optional), Email, Phone Number, and Password.

Pro tip: Do not use “password” for your password. You’re better than that.


Step Three

You created an account! Great job.

It’s time to sign in with those shiny new credentials.

Enter your email and password, and hit the Login button. We pointed to each entry field with red arrows. (See? Helpful.)


Step Four

Choose your plan. Salsa offers two choices: Plus and Pro.

Plus is a great way to explore Salsa, and has plenty of basic features to get started.

If you’re looking for more than the basics, you should consider upgrading to Pro.

Want custom overlays? Green screens? State of the art marketing tools? You’re going to need to level up.

Step Five

Want to pay by the month? Cool.

Rather pay annually? Also cool.

Select whichever plan works best for you.


Step Six

Fill out your credit card information. Your first month will be free!

After that, you will be charged automatically. That means once a month or once a year, depending on which billing plan you selected.

Click Pay $0 to start your trial.


Step Seven

Click done at the top left, then sign in! Cheers!

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