Welcome to Salsa!

Salsa offers a robust number of sharing features to make your events a truly immersive digital experience for your guests.

Getting to know each of the different sharing features and how you can use them will help grow your business to the next level.

To manage these Sharing features, start by accessing your Account page, then tap on the Sharing tab.

You have total control over the way you allow things to be shared from your event! Try not to let the power go to your head.

Let's take a look at the Sharing tab.


From here, you will be able to control which share features are enabled during that specific event.

You have the option of:

  • Email,
  • SMS,
  • AirDrop, and
  • AirPrint

You can choose to enable all of them, or only enable the sharing methods that you or your client would like guests to use.

After a photo is taken, your guests will be provided the list of sharing options you enabled earlier. They'll need to select one of these options in order to receive a copy of their photo, boomerang, GIF, or video.




Customize and Brand Your Messages

Now that we know how to enable each of the features, let's look at each method individually.  

Email Sharing

Enabling Email sharing allows your guests to send themselves a link to their photo/boomerang/gif.

Flip the purple toggle next to Email to enable your guests to send themselves photos from your event via email.


Each of these fields are customizable to help you create a unique and branded experience for your clients.

Let's break down what each of these fields actually do:

Sender - The “Sender” field is where you can input your own email address. This is a great way to personalize and brand the email address being sent out to your clients! 

Subject - Changing this field will change the subject line, which is often the first thing your guests will see in their inbox. Make it clear the email contains their captures so they don't miss it!

Body - The body of the email is your chance to send all of your users a special note. Whether you are working for a client or for yourself, this is a great opportunity to advertise their, or your, services for future engagements. Don't ignore this one!

Reply-To Address - Guests and future clients may have further questions about your Photo Booth business - like how they can hire you for a future event. By changing the reply-to address to an inbox you know you'll check, you'll be sure to receive emails from clients if a user replies to your original message. For example, we use our sales email address in this spot. That way, if guests have further questions about the Salsa booth, we'll be sure to get the message.

Custom Sending Domain - This is an advanced feature that we strongly suggest partnering with your domain provider to implement into your Salsa booth. For domains where you can set up DNS settings, this will give you the ability to change the domain where the photos are sent from.

Custom Send Address - To use this feature, you will need to verify the custom sending domain first. This field changes the actual domain the email is sent from. Instead of being email@boothmailer.com, with the help of your custom domain and web provider, you can have emails sent from your own domain!




Now that you're a master at e-mail, let's jump into the other share methods. Next up: text messages.




SMS - This one is straightforward. By enabling SMS, you are giving your guests the option to text themselves a photo! The message body field will control what information your guests receive along with their photo.


No internet? No problem. Let's AirDrop.

AirDrop - We have found that a lot of Apple users love being able to directly send their photos via AirDrop. Not only that, but it can work without an internet connection. Don't worry, if your guests still opt for SMS or email, they'll get it as soon as you reconnect to WiFi.

Keep in mind, when you allow your guests to AirDrop, you are not collecting valuable emails or SMS addresses.  

AirDrop is simple to enable. All you need to do is select the AirDrop option, then the device you want to share the photo with. You can even have it quickly sent to multiple people with a few more taps! 



AirPrint - Prefer to go old-school with a physical copy? Salsa allow you to print via AirPrint. As long as you have an AirPrint capable printer, or a network connected printer, you can select the Print button and then send away! The image will then print for your guests to take home.


You're all done!

Now that you know how to use each of Salsa's sharing features, you can implement them in any way that works best for you and your clients.

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