Salsa Power Draw, Battery Recommendation, and Watts

We realize that certain locations or venues can be remote and access to Wi-Fi or power can be a luxury when trying to run a photobooth.

In this video, Brandon Wong shows you exactly how to successfully use Salsa without Power or Wi-Fi to run your event and share media using AirDrop!


The product showcased in this video is the Anker PowerHouse 2. We've tested it in-house and successfully ran Salsa, LEDs and all, for over nine hours. Results may vary based on LED brightness and whether the iPad is connected to a dedicated hotspot or built-in LTE.

Salsa draws approximately 120W at peak load, with an average of around 45-60W.

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  • Question: The portable generator you recommend is 400Wh. Is 400Wh the minimum power requirement you recommend to run Salsa?


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