Welcome to Salsa!

Congratulations on your new Salsa photobooth!  Now that you've received your Salsa, make sure you assemble it and start testing things out right away.

You'll have a 14-day inspection window to make sure everything is working just right. If you run into any issues with Salsa in that time, no worries - that's what the 14 day inspection is for! Just reach out to support@photoboothsupplyco.com and we'll take care of it.

Not sure where to start? No worries! You can find the instructional videos below to begin setting up your booth and your first of many events.

These videos will walk you through adjusting up your iPad settings, installing your iPad into the booth, and assembling the booth itself, along with a quick-start guide to getting your first event up and running.

More in-depth videos on the numerous feature of Salsa are on the way. 


How to set up iPad for Salsa

This video will walk you through the recommended settings for your iPad to make for a perfect experience for you and your guests.

Please ensure both iOS and the Salsa app are up to date. You can verify this by opening the iPad Settings app and navigating to General and tapping Software Update.

To check if Salsa is up to date, open the App Store and navigate to the Update tab.

While not necessary, it is recommended to have a separate and dedicated Apple ID for your photobooth especially if you plan to have the booth managed by someone other than yourself. This will prevent personal information from being loaded into the iPad.

For all Apple ID and App Store support question, please reach out to Apple Support.

For a full walkthrough, click here.


How to install iPad into Salsa

Your Salsa will arrive with the faceplate for the 12.9" 3rd Generation iPad Pro. Simply remove the faceplate screws with the tools provided, lay the iPad in the center of the enclosure, connect the charging cable and place the appropriate faceplate back on top of the iPad.

The head unit comes with two serial number labels—one below the fan and one on the bottom of the black stand which connect to the pole. Do not remove these labels as they are unique to each Salsa and may be requested by our team when requesting technical support.

Note: With the 2nd Generation iPad Pro faceplate, the larger hole will be placed at the top to allow the camera to show through. The bottom hole allows for home button access with the included SIM ejector tool.

The faceplate will rest on the bottom of the front of the Salsa head unit. There will be a gap at the top of the faceplate to allow cooling air to escape.

You will not need to remove the iPad from the booth between events and can travel safely within the included carrying case.

Note: Do not use power tools when removing or replacing screws into faceplate as this may lead to bending or bowing of the faceplate.

For a full walkthrough, click here.


How to assemble Salsa

This guide will walk you through the steps to getting your booth set up for success. It is recommended to watch the video all the way through at least once before starting your first assembly.

Note: When adjust the tilt of Salsa, do not overextend the head back. If you feel resistance when tilting back do not force it further as this may lead to damage to the hinge.

When removing the Salsa head, you can use the accompanying foam padding as a soft place to rest the unit while you assemble the rest of the booth.

Note: When your unit first arrives, your Salsa head will come with a thin plastic film. Remove this film before assembling your booth.

When tightening the rods in the pole into the baseplate and into the first pole, make sure to leave the knobs slightly loose and in an 'X' position as illustrated in the video. The final knobs on the head unit will complete the tightening of the entire stand.

When attached correctly, the seam between the two poles will be flush.

While this video demonstrates how to set up the Salsa at the standard height, the booth can be configured using just one pole. 

Notes: When placing the poles back into the carrying case, make sure to face the knobs away from the wheels. While it may feel tight, the snug fitting prevents the components from moving around while in transit.

For a full walkthrough, click here.


How to create an event

An event can be as standard or customized as you want it to be. Feel free to select from our pre-loaded interfaces or upload your own from your iPad's camera roll. You can use this guide to get the appropriate sizes for your interface and overlays.

You can use the Quick Start Guide to get the ball rolling with overlays, capture modes, filters, and sharing settings.

Want to learn about overlays and how to make the greatest one ever? Head to our in-depth guide on all things overlay!

For the best guest experience, try to select an interface and LED color or pattern that match. 

Ready to turn it up a notch? Check out the Advance Start Guide for camera settings, Live Gallery, Green Screen mode, and more.

After an event is over, you can easily export all of your event captures, analytics, and more by tapping the download button within the event.

For a full walkthrough, click here.

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