This guide is for advanced users, as well as those who have subscribed to Salsa's Pro plan. Many of the features discussed below are not available to Plus users, but don't worry! You can upgrade your subscription at any time if you'd like to access the features below. Features marked with a star are Pro only. 


Interested in taking your event to the next level? Animated Overlays might be just what you're looking for. Unlike static overlays, animated overlays are capable of adding motion to any capture mode that moves! You can add up to six frames of animation in the form of transparent .pngs, with more to come in future updates. 


Whenever a guest walks up to Salsa, they'll see an interface. This screen is fully customizable, and you can easily add your own branding. Keep all interface images sized as 2048w x 2732h. If you're looking for inspiration, remember that Salsa comes with dozens of great interface screens and customizing them is an option, not a requirement. 


There exist options for branding the live gallery. This gallery collects all media taken at your event and displays it to guests in one beautiful and easy to access place. When users send a text or email to themselves, they'll receive a link to the live gallery. This is your opportunity to shine! Branding opportunities include the ability to insert a background for the site, your logo, and most importantly, a clickable link called the promo button. This link allows guests to rebook you, visit a promotional page, or even suggest that they follow you on Instagram!


If you're in a place with unique or unusual lighting conditions, you can always adjust the camera settings to accommodate for that. While every venue is different, Salsa booth should have more than enough lighting to overpower just about anything. If you're not using Salsa booth, you may need to adjust settings in this tab. If things ever need to start from the beginning, just hit reset to defaults! 


Surveys are one of the most valuable features of Salsa Pro. For any event, a survey is the perfect way to add value to your booth. Doing a wedding? There's no reason that you can't ask people questions like, "Who goes to bed later?" and offer a multiple choice question. Many weddings are involving games like this, and being able to offer survey results from guests is totally unique. Corporations are always interested in data, and you can ask guests to enter their opinion of the latest movie release from a studio at a film's launch party. To build the perfect survey, just add as many questions as you'd like and select which type of question you want to ask! The survey will only trigger for guests who select a sharing option. 


Green Screen is a powerful feature that gives you the opportunity to take any kind of capture with the screen removed. Choose your green screen color by tapping on the color, and then tapping on the green background in the camera preview window that opens. You can enable a ton of different green screens for guests to choose from. At this time, we're not recommending using more than 4 animated green screens, as iPad processing power can be limited by such an intense feature. 

For countries or purposes where GDPR compliance is an issue, you can add a disclaimer to Salsa to ensure that all guests give their consent to be marketed to, to have their likenesses used for advertising purposes, or anything else you'd like. Salsa includes a default disclaimer, but we recommend having a local lawyer take a look at it, to ensure compliance with local and state laws. This disclaimer will show for each capture session.


Face Effects were added to Salsa in version 1.8. It comes in two powerful (and extremely cool) parts: Beautification and Masks.

Turning Beautification on gives admins access to a number of filters that can add some additional beauty to a guest’s capture. Smooth, luminescent skin for everybody!

Masks are the second Face Effect and as the name suggests, it gives your guests the ability to overlay different types of masks over their faces. Admins can activate up to four mask options from a list that includes puppy ears, a lion’s face, a mud mask, and other fun choices.

For more information on Face Effects, head over to the Salsa 1.8 release article for how-to videos and instructions. 

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  • Hi there, to clarify on the live gallery subdomain name can be changed to our business name and then the clients will see ? 


  • Hey Janeth,


    Thank you for this great question. That is correct. You'll want the subdomain to be your main business or company name as it will affect all event Live Galleries. If guests have already received links to other Live Galleries without the new subdomain, they will be redirected to the proper site automatically.

    If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us at

  • Then animated Start screens seem to be way more than 6 frames of .png. Are they? What are the current requirements and limitations for the Start screen and other overlays?


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