Welcome to Salsa! In this quick start guide, we'll go over the things you should know as you're preparing for your first event. 


Salsa is just about the simplest and most straightforward experience possible. If you're not the kind of person interested in reading a quick start guide, just go ahead and dive into the app! If you ever encounter a problem, just double tap the home button and swipe up to close the app. Restarting the app this way is a great solution if it's ever giving you an issue. 

If you're a photobooth pro, the most important thing to know is that overlays in Salsa should be 2048w x 2732h for portrait photos. 

If you're not a pro yet, don't worry! Let's start by talking about a few important words that you'll hear. Along the way, you'll learn how to use the app. 


Most people refer to events as the time that a client has paid you to come and work. An event might be a wedding, bar mitzvah, holiday party, or even just a backyard bash. In Salsa, each event is kept separate. To create one, simply open the app and tap on Create Event. Give it a name, and you're good to go. If you're just learning how photobooths work, you can press start event. Everything is enabled by default, and the rest is yours to customize. Most people start their customization with overlays. 

An overlay is the transparent image that sits on top of the pictures and other content that you take. You'll want to put your branding or the guests names on this! You can even add a unique and elegant border around the image.

Just make sure this file is 2048 pixels wide by 2732 pixels in height, and in a transparent .png format.


To add an overlay to Salsa, you will need to save the overlay image to your iPad's camera roll. You can email it to yourself, Airdrop it, or even download it straight from your Dropbox or other cloud storage service you use. Once you've done that, simply create an event and navigate to the Overlay tab. Select it from your camera roll, and you're good to go!


During an event, you might want to capture different media. Some people are just interested in offering photos, but Salsa can offer videos and animated GIFs as well. One of the most popular capture modes is boomerangs. A boomerang is a video that plays forward and then goes into reverse and returns to the beginning. It's a really cool effect, and it's currently the most popular social media request. You can enable and disable modes on the Modes screen. Just tap on the ones you'd like to adjust.


Filters are an important part of capture. Want to see things in black and white? Prefer a more vintage tone? Filters allow you to change how the resulting capture will look. If you only enable one, it will apply automatically. Otherwise, guests will be allowed to choose their filter. 


The sharing tab allows you to enable or disable text and email sharing, as well as customize your message to ensure it's on brand. 

Once you've completed your event, you'll see it all on your live gallery. The live gallery is where all the media you capture at an event is sent. If you haven't got an internet connection, this media will send as soon as you reconnect to one. This is called a queue. We recommend clearing out your queue between events, especially if there is a lot of media waiting to be sent. It should only take a minute or two! 

For more information about Animated Overlays, Interfaces, Live Gallery Branding, Camera Settings, Surveys, Disclaimers, and more, see our Advanced Start Guide


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