The tablet model you can use to replace your Acer should be the W510-1666:





 Re-Install Legacy Version of Breeze

  • Directions: Download the link below and install using the serial number provided. This is the legacy version of Breeze that originally came installed on the Acer tablet. The benefit to going this method is that you have a tried and true system that you are familiar with, plus it’s free!
  • Cost: $0
  • Software Download Link: Click Here
  • Prompts Folder (Includes OriginaProfile.xml and interface files): Click Here
  • Serial
    • Name: Brandon Wong
    • Code: 000HWV-PN8ND4-VMY78G-HV0543-X6ADQF-Z10HND-7VNV81

(Not Recommended) Purchase New License of Breeze

  • Directions: Follow the purchase link below and install the latest version of Breeze. The benefit of this option is that you have the latest and greatest version. Please note that this newer version is not supported by us nor do we guarantee any compatibility with the tablet. Additionally, the upgrade is $275 and the
  • Cost: $275
  • Purchase Link: Click Here

 downloading Breeze from their site (if you wanted to buy the latest version):

As far as software goes for Breeze and the Acer tablet, here are all the articles we have on our support site in hopes to help you (as Breeze has been updated so many times, it is hard to track exactly what works and what does not any longer). 

Software Support:

Setup help/Prompts:

Breeze help guide:

Acer support:

Microsoft support (for windows):

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