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Have you tried to text a photo and see this error? 


Understanding the error  

SocialBooth, (the photobooth software on your tablet) uses something known as an API to communicate to Twilio. Basically, the software on your booth tells Twilio "Send this picture and message to this phone number" and then the software is done sending the message. 

If Twilio changes their API (the way to accept this message from the software), the software will try to talk to Twilio, but Twilio will not respond as it is no longer taking the computer information it once was. 


How To Fix This error and get texting back     

A simple, quick fix, is to turn texting off. You will find, if you click the "Yes" button, the software will keep working but texts will not be sent from the software. This is a quick fix to keep using the booth. If you keep texting on, texts will not be sent from the booth (because the API call does not occur), but you can still collect numbers. 

Ultimately, the real fix for this problem is to update. You can update your software by going to the Registration tab and clicking download update. 

The version that properly fixed this problem was 2.4.74 
You can download the installer to run on your photobooth here (transfer it to your photobooth via a flash drive): http://bit.ly/GetAtFix


12Registration_preview.pngPLEASE NOTE

The software provided on your Microsoft Surface Pro is not managed or updated by PBSCO. It is managed by the software developer, Photobooth Solutions, who has full control over your serial number and updates. When you first receive your booth, we pay for one-year worth of upgrades! 

If you would like to purchase another year of updates, you'll just need to contact Social Booth's Support Team at support@photoboothsolutions.com. Since they developed and manage the software, it’s out of our control, and they have the ability to help you revert back to a previous edition too if you wish to revert. 

For more information on updating your tablet, please visit this article: 


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