If you are a new booth owner, and recently received your booth containing a Surface Pro 5, please make sure to read below! This article contains vital information regarding how to "refresh" your machine should any files become corrupted. 

If your machine begins acting strange (not pulling templates correctly, showing a blue screen, or overall not functioning correctly), corrupted files may be to blame. In order to clean out your corrupted files and revert back to a functional tablet and Social Booth account, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Quit out of Social Booth
  2. Open "Extras" folder on your Desktop
  3. Run "Booth Software Refresh" 


Open the Extras folder to run "Booth Software Refresh!"

That's it! When you open Social Booth again, you should FirstEvent already loaded as the Event Name. Click through the tabs to name your event, upload your template, and enable any social media settings. Be sure to Save and Start to lock those features in, and begin!

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