You normally want the camera screen to turn off after a sensor cleaning. Having it go on can potentially create burn-in on the display (the settings will never leave the screen, they are forever stuck on the display). Another problem you can cause is changing the camera settings without knowing it, thus causing your event to be out of focus or another problem to occur. 

You can toggle the LCD screen after turning the camera on by going to this option:



Again, we don't recommend this setting at all. We recommend, keeping the LCD auto off "enabled" and then clicking the physical info button on the camera (found on the left of the screen) if you wanted to quickly change or see a setting on the camera. 

Something to keep in mind is that once the booth is closed up, having the screen on will serve no purpose as the booths back door will be closed. If burn-in does occur on your screen, there is nothing PBSCO can do and it cannot fall under a warranty. 

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