This error quickly flashes or shows up for a moment then disappears. This error does not point towards anything wrong with the booth and in all actuality is an extremely old error.  This error should only occur on Social Booth devices that are very outdated (from what we understand at this time). 

This is a software bug, (not an error so to say) and does not mean there is a problem with your booth. Your booth should still function normally. 

To help stop "invalid Pointer Errors" make sure to disable "Image Review" in General settings, rather than the default 2 seconds.

Please make sure your photo booth software is at  S2.4.63.exe - 06-21-2017 If after testing the booth several times with the above steps did not provide a fix.  

If you have owned your photobooth for more than a year it will push the booth to trial mode! Please read more about updating here. 


If having the booth at 2.63 does not provide a proper fix, please reach out to SocialBooth to find out what may be going wrong. This is a bug with the software, not hardware or user related and needs to be brought to the attention of the developer. 

Please send an email to:


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