Image Expected (Member 5 of CastLib 13) Script Error. Continue? Error Message

If you are seeing the error: 


Something is going on inside of your green screen folder Social Booth does not understand. We suggest restoring the GreenScreen folder found inside your backgrounds folder on the desktop. You can download it by clicking here 

The folder may have been removed as well, which would need to be restored and placed back in the Backgrounds folder on the desktop.  


Other Helpful Info

Additionally, I want to let you know about a couple items to be aware of prior to your event so that it runs as smoothly as possible. In order to access the folder that houses the preset green screen backgrounds, please go to your desktop, select the "Backgrounds" folder, and then select the "GreenScreen" subfolder. You should see different images already contained within this folder. You might also notice that there are two types of images-- some simply say "background," while others end in "-overlay." The background images are just what they sound like-- this image will be placed behind the users of the photobooth. The overlay photo, however, will be laid over your the template images (on top of the photos of your guests). You do not need to use an overlay; I just wanted to explain the difference between those upfront!

It is essential that the files you place within this folder are the correct size. Any images that will be used as the green screen background must be in a JPEG format and have a size of 1800 x 1200. This is a slightly different size than other files utilized in Social Booth, so double check to make sure the size is correct! Alternatively, any images that will be used as the green screen overlay must be in a PNG format. 

One last suggestion is that you may want to bring an extra light, as the green screen function will not work as well if the setting/room is too dark. 

If there are any other questions that you have in particular, it may be beneficial to reach out to Social Booth's support team. They are likely to have a few more tricks up their sleeve if you encounter any complex issues with the green screen setting. The best email address to contact them at is:



Now might be a good time to check out our Green Screen guide here! 

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