The software provided on your Microsoft Surface Pro is not managed or updated by PBSCO. It is managed by the software developer, Photobooth Solutions, who has full control over your serial number and updates. When you first receive your booth, we pay for one-year worth of upgrades! These upgrades are totally optional and you only very rarely need to do them if you are experiencing a very rare error in a very early build (which chances are you don't have).  

The Social Booth software will never automatically upgrade on you, it is impossible. It can be easily clicked which can cause problems for people if they have had their booth for more than a year. If "Update" was clicked and you have owned your booth for a year, then it will force the booth into Trial Mode. You have a couple of options moving forward: you can either renew your license through Social Booth for $99 to receive one year of unlimited updates, or you can revert back to the previous version that you had before the tablet was updated. You don't have to buy another year of updates, as your booth should continue to work well with the previous version of Social Booth. However, if you would like to have that option of downloading any new versions (with new features) of the software that Social Booth creates, it may be advantageous to go in that direction. 

If you would like to stick to the current version that you had prior to the update or you wish to purchase another year of updates, you'll just need to contact Social Booth's Support Team at Since they developed and manage the software, it’s out of our control, and they have the ability to help you revert back to a previous edition.


Why Would I like Updates or pay the $99?
In the past, it was not fully necessary to update and pay the 99 dollars and would recommend keeping your software in the current state it was in.

Recent errors in past versions have caused problems over time and bug fixes have come out to greatly improve the software and if you are on an update on or before 2.4.72 we recommend updating if given the chance as Texting stopped working due to an API error. You can read more about there here



Another update your booth can be subject to is a Windows Software update. Which can look like this: new-upgrade-UI-1024x608.pngWindows-Update-4.png

A Windows software update is fully controlled by Microsoft. Out of the box, we do whatever we can to turn them off and delay them as well. Microsoft keeps finding colorful ways to keep pushing them to your device. This is ultimately amazing for the typical Windows 10 computer user but not so cool if you are a PhotoBooth business owner. These updates can range in size and shapes and can take 10 minutes to an hour depending on the scale of them. 

We in no way wish to scare you, and have actually done a lot to make it so you are not subject to these annoying upgrades and updates. What we suggest is to always test your booth the night before. If an update shows up then let it run through the update process. Once the computer fully shuts down, turn the computer back on. This is a very important step, there are usually two parts to an update, where the machine turns itself off and then needs to be turned back on to configure the update. If you do not let it turn back on to configure the update then it will do so next time you turn it on, which could be during your event. This could take any amount of time to configure this update depending on the size of the update.

Updates are usually pushed by Microsoft on Tuesdays and follow a strange schedule of larger updates during even-numbered months and fewer updates on odd-numbered months. You can read more about this here. 

Something very important to keep in mind, is to never, ever, turn off the computer during an update. You risk massive corruption that at times, Microsoft would have to step in to fix. 

If you would like to stop updates, go ahead and check out this guide, as we have taken new steps in trying to remove and stop updates!

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