Breeze/DSLR Remote Pro - Why Is My Live View Too Bright/Dark?

In "Full Screen Photobooth Mode" press up/down on the keyboard to manually change exposure on the live view. When you go back into the main menu you will notice that the shutter speed is no longer set to 1/200 so please change it back.


If you do not own a T3i and are experiencing a dark live view before the picture is taken, then you need to change your movie mode to "Exposure Simulation"Screen_Shot_2014-08-29_at_8.04.35_AM.png

Change it to "EXPOSURE SIMULATION" Not "STILLS DISPLAY"Screen_Shot_2014-08-29_at_8.04.48_AM.png

If you are still experiencing problems with DSLR Remote Pro we strongly suggest getting into contact with Support at:    

provide as much detail about the problem and how to reproduce it as you can.

Please include in your email:

  • The version of Windows you are using ( example: Windows 10)
  • Product name and version (example: DSLR Remote Pro for Windows v3.5)
  • The camera model
  • Details of how to reproduce the problem

 (Please do not send sample images as they can be too large for some email systems to cope with. Instead, send a link to the posted images if possible.)

We also suggest checking out the most up to date DSLR help guide here!  

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