1) First of all, make sure you download the JPG and PSD versions of the Prompts. onto your computer at home.


2) Install the fonts onto your computer.


3) Open up the background.psd in Photoshop on your home computer. Customize the text, colors, etc. and then save it as background.jpg. Put this new file into the prompts folder on your desktop. Make sure you backup and then erase the old one. DSLR Remote Pro should now recognize the new background.jpg and start printing with that graphic.


If you are still experiencing problems with DSLR Remote Pro we strongly suggest getting into contact with Support at: support@breezesys.com    

provide as much detail about the problem and how to reproduce it as you can.

Please include in your email:

  • The version of Windows you are using ( example: Windows 10)
  • Product name and version (example: DSLR Remote Pro for Windows v3.5)
  • The camera model
  • Details of how to reproduce the problem

 (Please do not send sample images as they can be too large for some email systems to cope with. Instead, send a link to the posted images if possible.)

We also suggest checking out the most up to date DSLR help guide here!  

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