Why Am I in Trial Mode? Why Did My Subscription Expire?


The software provided on your Microsoft Surface Pro is not managed or updated by PBSCO. It is managed by the software developer, Photobooth Solutions, who has full control over your serial number and updates. When you first receive your booth, we pay for one-year worth of upgrades! These upgrades are totally optional and you only very rarely need to do them if you are experiencing a very rare error in a very early build (which chances are you dont have).  

The Social Booth software will never automatically upgrade on you, it is impossible. It can be easily clicked which can cause problems for people if they have had their booth for more than a year. If "Update" was clicked and you have owned your booth for a year, then it will force the booth into Trial Mode. You have a couple of options moving forward: you can either renew your license through Social Booth for $99 to receive one year of unlimited updates, or you can revert back to the previous version that you had before the tablet was updated. You don't have to buy another year of updates, as your booth should continue to work well with the previous version of Social Booth. However, if you would like to have that option of downloading any new versions (with new features) of the software that Social Booth creates, it may be advantageous to go in that direction. 

If you would like to stick to the current version that you had prior to the update or you wish to purchase another year of updates, you'll just need to contact Social Booth's Support Team at support@photoboothsolutions.com. Since they developed and manage the software, it’s out of our control, and they have the ability to help you revert back to a previous edition.

If you are in need of your license information, it would have been sent along with your booth via email. The email will have the subject line:" Your Serial Number " and look like the following:

This is your serial number for The Social Booth software which is good for one installation. You will be prompted to enter in your e-mail and serial. Please note the hyphens and the uppercase/lowercase letters. 
If you ever need to transfer serials for whatever reason, you will need to go into the “REGISTRATION” tab in Social Booth and deauthorize it before you can install it again. 
 Note: If you forget to deauthorize, or no longer have access to the machine because of a crash or reformat, you will need to contact Photo Booth Solutions support to have it done manually. 

If you cannot find your Serial Number from the email that was sent please reach out to support@photoboothsolutions.com

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