Sometimes folders can be accidentally erased, changed or removed. We understand accidents happen or problems occur and want to help you when you need it most. Below, you will find master files that were shipped with your device. This will fix any missing, corrupted or improperly changed files. 

BackGrounds Folder

Templates Folder

Extras Folder

Shortcuts Folder

FirstEventSP4   - A very very important file. When reloaded it puts Social Booth back to proper PBSCO settings. If corruption or anything else occurs where Social Booth cannot function you can download this file and load it as your event to put it back to normal. Read more about this on this post! 


These files should all be on your desktop and should never be moved from your desktop (may cause errors). Here is the layout of what your desktop should look like. This image was taken from our software setup video which can be found here


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