How Do I Set Up Twilio (SMS) for International Use? (e.g. +86)

To send MMS messages from your booth, you will need a Twilio account. For Twilio to function as intended, your account will need at least a $20 balance.


Please sign in to Twilio and navigate to this link:

For simplicity, we use the example of China (country code +86): Please type “China” in the bar which says, “Filter by country name” next to the red filter button. Under the “Asia” tab, there will be a clickable box which says “China (+86),” please make sure it is checked. The next step, while still signed into Twilio is to navigate to:

This link will take you to the General SMS Settings tab, MMS converter will need to be Enabled. Unfortunately, China, specifically, does not allow MMS messages. So your messages would upload to an image sharing site, and your guests could download them through a link sent to their phone. 

You can now go to your booth and load Social Booth. Within Social booth, please navigate to the “SMS” tab. At the bottom of the settings, you will notice a “Prepend Country Code”, please type in (without any spaces!) +86.

After doing so, you can load up the booth and take a few test shots. You will notice in the SMS tab that +86 will already be filled in, and all your guests need to do is type their phone number in. If you would like to test if your tests are sending, you can see this on the SMS Dashboard: 

You will see every message sent from your booth and lots of information for that message. Something you might encounter is that +86 numbers may not immediately show up under “Recent Messages.” As it turns out, +86 numbers have a short delay in receiving SMS from unlike numbers, like those in America. Something also to note is that each text to an +86 number, for example, will result in $0.28 charge to your account (unlike the normal $0.02 charge).
You can read more about pricing to +86 and other country codes at this link:

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