If you would like to print 2x6 strips at your next event, please make sure the following functions are enabled. These are both found in Social Booth and the printer. 

  1. Make sure to select "Print 1/2 Copies" under the "Printing" tab in Social Booth. 

  2. Select the "Display Single Strip" function under the Templates tab in Social Booth (this option will not pop up until you select a template that has two strips). 

  3. Set up your printer to cut the 2x6 strips by going through its settings. Please go to the "Printer" settings, click on "Advanced," and enable the 2" cut. 

  4. If you have any other questions regarding printing 2x6 strips on your printer, we would encourage you to view the DS620A manual by clicking here. This manual will walk you through the steps to enable and support this function. 
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