Hello there! You are welcome to use the tips & tricks below to make your photobooth experience as simple and smooth as possible. Although most of these have their own articles, we want to provide you with a quick overview to help you with your booth! 


If you need to get out of photobooth mode (and back to the Social Booth Settings)... 

  1. Triple tap the upper left hand corner of the screen! 
  2. Select F1 on your mini keyboard or the on-screen keyboard.


 If Social Booth is acting weird... 

  1. Click on "Reset to Defaults" (in General tab)
  2. Click on "Load Event"
  3. Find "FirstEvent" (or FirstEventSP4, depending on your tablet) 

** Please be aware that Social Booth needs to be pulling the correct settings file. Make sure that the pathway that Social Booth is using is: This PC > Desktop > Backgrounds > FirstEvent(SP4) or 
(C:) > Users > pbsco > Desktop > Backgrounds > FirstEvent(SP4)


If you need FirstEvent (Sp4), you can download it here! 


 If Social Booth keeps freezing... 
This is because most likely because you have your camera set to auto focus instead of manual focus. When the lens can't find focus (because the background is too reflective, not well lit, or doesn't provide enough contrast), it will continually search for focus and cause Social Booth to malfunction. 

  1. Switch camera to manual focus by switching slider on the lens from AF to MF.
  2. If needed, make your image sharper by adjusting the outer ring of the lens to bring the subject into focus 


 If your printer isn't working... 

  1. Restart the tablet with your printer on 

I know this seems too easy, but it, honestly, resolves a majority of the "printer issues" that our owners experience! 


If Social Booth is running slow... 

Make sure to turn off any "features" that you are not currently using (or don't have to use!) This includes Filters, Animated GIFs, Videos, or social media functions. The more complex your photobooth is, the more processing power it will take. 


If Email or SMS is not working... 

Be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for those features to kick in as the different programs sync with your Social Booth account. Don't fret if the texts aren't coming through right away! 

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