Why Is There a White Border on My Prints?

See below for two quick troubleshooting tips if you notice an unwanted white border along the edges of your prints.


Printer Tweaks

First, confirm that your border settings within Social Booth are correct. If they are not correct, then Social Booth won't know to apply your template and background to the entire space of the print. You'll find these setting options under the Printer tab in Social Booth:

If you have a Surface Pro 3, the printer tweaks should be the following:

  • Left Offset: 24
  • Top Offset: 0 
  • Scale: 1.48

However, if you have a Surface Pro 4, the printer tweaks should be the following: 

  • Left Offset: 39 
  • Top Offset: 30 
  • Scale: 1.96


Border Feature

If these settings are correct, and you are still having a border issue, please confirm that the Border feature within your Printer Settings is not selected. 

To get to the settings area of your printer go to your tablet's Devices & Printers. Next, right click on your printer and select Properties. Under the Options tab you will notice the Border feature. Be sure it is not selected. 

Resetting the Paper

Sometimes the Paper can sometimes become misaligned if it has not been taken out in awhile. To properly fix a white bar on the top or bottom of a photograph, please take the paper out and make sure it is tight and then slowly roll it into the printer until it beeps. This should realign the paper back within the printer.  

We always suggest removing all media before transporting the printer anywhere.


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