If you would like to provide 5x7 prints for your next event, then please keep the items below in mind! 


First, please be aware that the resolution will be different than the typical 4x6 prints. For a 5x7, the pixel size is 1548 x 2138 (as compared to 1240 x 1844 for a 4x6).

You also need to make sure to adjust the printer settings. Go to "Devices and Printers" and right click/hold down on your particular printer until a menu of options pops up. Then select "Printer Preferences" and "Change Paper Size." 

Please be sure that you are also using the correct media for this size of print: 5x7 paper and 5x7 spacers. 

In regard to template sizes,  we would recommend changing the size of the template in Social Booth. To do this, go to the "Templates" tab and select "Change Background." Although you may need to adjust the coordinates, there's not a hard and fast rule for that-- it depends on the particular look you want! We would suggest going about it by trial and error. See what works and edit from there! 

For additional information, we would also recommend referring to the DNP Printer Guide, which can be found here. This may be helpful if you have particular questions about the printer during set up! 

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