As long as you are careful with the case, you can definitely keep everything inside during local transportation. The electronics are supported and can be kept inside. Please watch out for other people handling the case when the electronics are inside, as they may not take proper care of it. 


To travel with the booth by plane, you can check-in the main photobooth case. We recommend taking the electronics (camera + tablet) out of the top enclosure. 

You can also remove the base plate to make the case lighter. This reduction makes the case weigh around 50-54lbs. Be prepared for overweight fees, in case the airline is strict! We've taken out the base plate and put it inside another check-in to even out the weight. 

The printer is delicate, and should be hand-carried onto the plane, outside of the the SKB case (since it is not carry-on size).

If you prefer an easier route, you can ship you photobooth directly to your destination to avoid bringing it on the plane. Ensure that you do not travel with media (paper + ink) inside the printer. 

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