What if My Printer or Camera is Discontinued?

This is a great question. First, you need to know that even though a component of your system may no longer be in production (as in the case of the Canon T3i, for example), it doesn't mean that your booth won't work or you cannot get the electronics fixed if a repair is needed.

While an item may be discontinued, it's not obsolete. That means repairs and replacements (with a comparable or refurbished items or parts) can still be obtained, leaving you with a photo booth that will operate beautifully for years!

It's quite normal for electronic manufacturers to make changes and upgrade their product lines; just look at Apple or Samsung, for example. Due to this, you might find, one day, that your camera, lens, tablet PC or printer may have become discontinued. In these cases, the team at Photobooth Supply Co. will continue to ensure that your booth works for as long as you do!

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