The various components of our photobooth require different amounts of energy to power them. Please use the list below to identify the particular power needs of each device. 

  • DNP DS40 / DNP DS620A - 400W - 1.6-3.9AMPS
  • Alien Bee Strobe - 150W - 6AMPS
  • Camera - 15W - 2AMPS
  • Tablet - 24W - 1.6AMPS

All of them run from 100-240V and 50-60Hz.


Considering this, we recommend a generator with at least 1100 W. However, many of our owners have found that they preferred to use a generator with upwards of 1500-2000 watts. While this is personal preference, it may be better to purchase a generator with additional wattage in case you want to attach any additional electronics (such as iPads, mobile hotspots, etc). 

It is more important to note that it is essential to find a generator that is rated for electronics use. Different generators can be better suited for different types of devices, and it's important to find one that provides clean energy that is safe for electronics. Make sure that the generator has a regulator/conditioner for clean energy output, since using a generator that is not regulated for electronics may produce "dirty" energy that could damage your sensitive electronics. 


*If you are in need of amps or volts use the following conversion information:

The conversion of Watts to Amps at fixed voltage is governed by the equation Amps = Watts/Volts. For example 12 watts/12 volts = 1 amp

The conversion of Watts to Volts at fixed amperage is governed by the equation Volts = Watts/Amps. For example 100 watts/10 amps = 10 volts

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