Please refer to the following guide created by the manufacturers of Social Booth, the software we utilize in each and every photobooth! This explanation can be found at their support website also! 

Social Booth does data collection and saves the info in the Reports tab. That data is specific to each event.

  1.  Counters
    These are counters for each service used. 

  2. Reset Counters
    Click these icons to rest the counters

  3. Data Collection Export
    The data collection export will show the following info if entered and/or available from the service:
    • Session Date
    • Session Time
    • Email 1
    • Email 2
    • Email 3
    • SMS Phone #
    • Twitter Login
    • Facebook Login
    • Facebook ID
    • Facebook Name
    • Facebook first name
    • Facebook last_name
    • Facebook Gender
    • Facebook Age_range
    • Facebook Location
    • Survey Answer 1
    • Survey Answer 2
    • Survey Answer 3
    • Survey Answer 4
    • Survey Answer 5
    • Associated Photo
    • PB Cloud Code

      Note: If you are interested in collecting email addresses and are enabling several different upload options besides email, you may want to ask for the email as one of the survey questions, as this will ensure that more users will enter their address as opposed to only the ones who choose email as their upload option.

      FB info is not always guaranteed and is dependent on privacy settings.

  4. Email Report
    Enter the email address to send the data collection report.  This will use the email settings in the email tab.  You must be connected to the internet to send.


Want to have a PBSCO guide on hand and to reference? Download a complete PBSCO setup instruction guide here! 

This content was created for owners of a Photobooth Supply Co. booth. Do not share, or distribute any of the material.
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