You will need to purchase and set up an account on

Twilio and texting was broken due to software changes. To fix this problem, you will need to make sure your booth is on update 2.4.77 or later. Make sure to check out this article before you update to the latest version as you may push the booth into trial mode and it will not be able to be used!

If the booth is put into trial mode, you will need to reach out to Social Booth (the developers of the software). You can reach out to them here:

If you are on an update before 2.4.77, you will get this error found here


Please refer to the following guide created by the manufacturers of Social Booth, the software we utilize in each and every photobooth! This explanation can be found at their support website also! 

  1. Enable SMS
    Click to allow users to send their photos via SMS.  You will need to sign up to Twilio hereto send SMS messages. Twilio is available in most countries and costs about $.01 per SMS.  The user will receive a link to their photo as a text message.

  2. Send via MMS
    Click to allow users to receive their photo directly in their messaging.  They will receive both the photo and a link to their photo.  You will need a MMS enabled number from Twilio.

  3. Twilio Phone #
    Enter your Twilio Phone #.  You will need to buy a phone number for $1

  4. Twilio Account SID
    Enter you Twilio Account SID

  5. Twilio Auth Token
    Enter you Twilio Auth Token

  6. SMS Message
    Enter the message to accompany the link to your photo.

  7. Prepend Country Code
    If you are outside of the US Twillio requires you to use your country code.  Since most users won't be used to adding this to their phone #s, you can enter it here and each SMS message will have the country code automatically added to it.


Want to have a PBSCO guide on hand and to reference? Download a complete PBSCO setup instruction guide here! 

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