If you feel that the color accuracy of your prints is incorrect, then there are two possible routes to go about resolving this. We first need to determine if the color differences issue is housed within your camera or within your printer. 

An easy fix is to first check and change your ICM driver: 


Go to Control Panel and locate your printer. Bring up the Printing Preferences and select Options. You can then set the Color Adjustment to ICM and Driver and press apply. The GIF above quickly fixes this issue. 

Try loading up Social Booth after this change and a change in your prints will be clear. 



In order to determine where the root of the issue is, please select a picture that you know was taken correctly from a previous event. You should feel confident that this image was taken with the appropriate white balance settings and the colors are accurate in appearance. Then, please print the image directly by right-clicking (holding down) the picture and selecting "print."

Compare the printed image with the image you see on your screen. Obviously, there may be some slight color differences, since the tablet will cast a slightly blue light (as will most devices) and make the image appear more cool. However, if the printer is working correctly, these images should appear very similar. If they are not, then we know that the issue is, in fact, found within your printer

However, if the printer image looks (nearly) identical to the image shown on the screen, then we know that the printer is doing its job correctly, and the issue is found within the camera when it takes the images. In that case, the best thing to do is double check your camera settings. Please confirm that your settings match the settings below: 

APERTURE: 9.0 - 11.0
ISO: 400

If not, then please adjust the settings so that they match what is described above. Often, these settings can get changed by accidentally rotating one of the sliders when turning the camera on or off. Once you adjust the settings, make sure to restart the tablet with the camera and printer on. Finally, you'll reopen Social Booth and take another set of test photos. With the adjusted camera settings, your photo should not have a strange tint on either the screen or the physical copy!

If you are still having issues with the color or warmth of your photos, then I would like you to check the following settings:

  1. Double check the settings on your flash. The flash may be too bright or not bright enough. The easiest way to do this is to adjust the slider on the back of the AlienBee strobe.

  2. Confirm that the External Flash Mode setting is on in Social Booth. You can determine this by going to the General tab in Social Booth. 

  3. Confirm that Social Booth is set to take photos with the DSLR, and not the webcam. This would also be selected on the General tab in Social Booth.

  4. Finally, I would reset to Default settings and then reload FirstEvent (or FirstEventSP4, depending on your Surface tablet). See if you continue to have an issue with the print quality.


Once again, please adjust these settings, restart your tablet with the camera and printer on, and then take another set of test photos. If you are still having issues, then please submit a ticket so that we can work out your printer issues. 

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