So, you're considering taking your photobooth to an outdoor event, and are wondering if this is feasible. In short, YES! While we do not recommend using the photobooth outside for the safety of the device, if you choose to still do so, there are precautions you can take. 

Before anything, be very careful where you set up: ensure the area and ground are dry; and operate under shade if the event occurs during the daylight!

First, please be aware that it is essential to find a generator that is rated for electronics use. Different generators can be better suited for different types of devices, and it's important to find one that provides clean energy that is safe for electronics. Make sure that the generator has a regulator/conditioner for clean energy output, since using a generator that is not regulated for electronics may produce "dirty" energy that could damage your sensitive electronics.

In terms of power capacity, we would recommend a generator that has at least 1100W of power. However, many of our owners have found that they preferred to use a generator with upwards of 1500-2000 watts. Obviously this is up to you, but it may be better here to purchase a generator with additional wattage in case you want to attach any additional electronics (such as iPads, mobile hotspots, etc).  

We also highly recommend sandbagging your photobooth and also each stand of the backdrop support system (in case the wind picks up). To prevent the backdrop from waving you can use a clamp to attach it to the sides and bottom of the stand. If you are using our Atlas System, the bottom bar will already be securing the bottom of the backdrop, so you may just consider clamping the sides! 

The flash may also need to be adjusted for the difference in lighting. I would recommend adjusting the slider on the back of the Alien Bee to accommodate this! You can also take off the umbrella in your booth and face the flash directly to your subject. In doing so, you will need to turn the power much lower to compensate for the harsher light. During the day, you can also take off the umbrella on your booth and face the flash directly to your subject. In the alternative, at night, you can leave the umbrella in your booth and increase/max out the flash to create better lighting.

Our booths are capable of capturing quality images within a variety of settings; you should not have to adjust the camera settings. However, if for any reason, you feel more light is needed, you are more than welcome to adjust the aperture on the camera to a lower number setting (the lowest is typically 9, but you can go lower if your tests call for it).

We strongly suggest having all booth owners and attendants watch this video before your outdoor event:

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