If it appears that your power button isn't working and your Surface Pro 3 tablet is unable to turn on, we are eager to help! 


When we install the computers, we disable the windows home button because it sometimes can be pressed while it’s in the enclosure. As you could understand, this can be extremely annoying to have the tile screen appear in the middle of a photo session! 

This also, unfortunately, disables the volume and power button when the Surface is on. However, you can still turn the computer on via the power button when it’s off. Now, this may not seem like that big of a deal, BUT if the computer for whatever reason falls to sleep INSTEAD of shutting down, then it will be more difficult to turn on the Surface. 


The only way around this is to either...

  1. Hold the power button for 15 seconds to power it off completely and then press it once more to turn it on
  2. Unplug then replug the power plug to the Surface.
  3. You can also try re-enabling the Surface home button.
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