If it seems that there is some sort of a connection error within your photobooth, it may be time to check your USB Hub and make sure that it is working correctly! If certain components (i.e. the printer) of your booth are no longer properly functioning but all settings are correct and all items are properly plugged in, in accordance to our instructions, then it could be that your USB Hub is no longer working! These devices can get worn out over time, and are relatively inexpensive to repair. It certainly is a little device that packs a big punch! 

Most of our owners first become aware of a connectivity issue when their printer doesn't seem to be receiving the images that you're asking it to print.  

To check your USB hub, and make sure that it is functioning correctly, please follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the Printer cable from the USB hub. 

  2. Disconnect the USB hub from the tablet. 

  3. Plug the Print cable directly into the tablet. 

  4. Print a photo directly to the printer. I would recommend finding a photo from an old event, housed in a folder on your desktop, and right-clicking (holding it down) until a menu of options pops up. Select "Print."

  5. If the photo does indeed print, then that is a good indication that your USB hub is worn out and needs to be replaced. 

We would recommend purchasing the following USB hub by clicking here!

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