Sometimes our mini keyboard has a tough time connecting to the tablet. If this appears to be happening, please follow the steps below to get it working again! 

Confirm that the keyboard has been charging for at least an hour. If not, plug it in and allow it to charge up before trying to use it with your tablet. This may resole the issue you're experiencing! 

  1. Ensure that the keyboard dongle is inserted into the "Keyboard" port on the USB hub. It can be problematic if you try to plug it into the camera or printer ports! 
  2. Keyboard flashing yellow? It may be time to try to re-sync the keyboard to your tablet. In order to do that, try turning off the keyboard, holding F1 and then turning on the keyboard back on. Release F1 as you flip the on switch. This should help the keyboard reconnect. Make sure your booth is on and providing power to the hub when doing this process. You should also be within five feet of the booth to ensure the best connection. You can also watch this process in a YouTube video here!
  3. If that's still not working, I would recommend reading the manual and the repairing guide to try their troubleshooting options. 

If you are still unable to successfully connect your keyboard to the tablet, please submit a ticket to us (write us an email)! We'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks! 

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