Please refer to the following guide created by the manufacturers of Social Booth, the software we utilize in each and every photobooth! This explanation can be found at their support website also! 


  1. Registration Status
    Indicates whether you are using the trial version or the registered version

  2. Deauthorize Computer
    Once installed, Social Booth is tied to that particular machine.  In order to transfer the license to another machine, you will need to deauthorize it first
    *Note: If you forget to deauthorize, or no longer have access to the machine because of a crash or reformat, you will need to contact support to have it done manually.

  3. Installed Version
    The currently installed version #

  4. Released Version
    The currently released version #

  5. Download Update
    Click here to download the latest update.  
    Note: When there is an update available, the download icon will show above the Registration tab.

**IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Social Booth will continue to run at the first version installed on it! it it not necessary to update to the newest version, unless you would like access to Social Booth's newest features and functions. Updating will lead to a purchase of $99 for unlimited Social Booth updates for a year. 


Want to have a PBSCO guide on hand and to reference? Download a complete PBSCO setup instruction guide here! 

This content was created for owners of a Photobooth Supply Co. booth. Do not share, or distribute any of the material.
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