Please refer to the following guide created by the manufacturers of Social Booth, the software we utilize in each and every photobooth! This explanation can be found at their support website also! 


  1.  Video Host Mode
    Enabling this will play a video through the photo sequence to explain the process.  See the Video Host configuration screen after enabling

  2. Contest Mode/Preset
    Enabling this will have Social Booth activate random winners during a photo sequence.  The winners will have a different photo template background or overlay.  Choose the preset settings file that should be used.  You can change the background only or have an entirely different template layout.

  3. Probability
    This will be the probability of a winner.  Each photo has the same random chance to win.  For a probability of 10%, each photo has a 1 in 10 chance to win.

  4. Max Wins
    Once the number of winners hit the maximum contest mode will automatically shut down.

  5. Coupon Mode
    This button will trigger a different preset setting for uploads vs printed templates.

  6. Coupon Preset
    Choose the preset file you want to use with coupon mode.

  7. Attract Mode Video
    Have a video playing while there is no active photo sequence.

  8. Video File
    Select the Video File you want to play.

  9. Suggest a Pose Mode
    Enable a randomly selected photo for users to imitate in their session

  10. Images Folder
    Select the folder containing the photos you want users to imitate. 

  11. Image Location
    Set the location of where the imitation photo should appear on the screen.

  12. Type on Photo
    Allow users to type on the photo using preset captions, locations, and colors.See the “Type on Photo” section for configuration notes.

  13. Face Morph Mode
    Have the users take two photos and morph into one or have the user take one photo and morph into a preset image.

  14. Light Painting
    Using a long exposure and dark room let your guests paint using light


Want to have a PBSCO guide on hand and to reference? Download a complete PBSCO setup instruction guide here! 

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