If your print is appearing smaller than you would like or not taking up the entire space of the 4x6, then please double check the Printer Tweaks under the "Printing" tab in Social Booth.

If you have a Surface Pro 3, the printer tweaks should be the following:

  • Left Offset: 24
  • Top Offset: 0 
  • Scale: 1.48

However, if you have a Surface Pro 4, the printer tweaks should be the following: 

  • Left Offset: 39 
  • Top Offset: 30 
  • Scale: 1.96

This should resolve the issue that you're experiencing. However, if you're still having trouble, I would recommend confirming that your background and overlay files are indeed the correct size. They should have a resolution of 1844 x 1240 pixels. Please let us know if you're still experiencing issues!

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